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Pressure Reaction Vessels Ideal for Observing Chemical Reactions of Materials Under Pressure

Pressure Reaction Vessels Ideal for Observing Chemical Reactions of Materials Under Pressure

Andrews Glass Company has developed a pressure reaction vessel kit specifically designed to meet the need for observing reactions in gases and liquids under pressure at high temperatures. These PRV High Temperature Kits provide a convenient, economical way to prevent "meltdown." All coupling materials have been selected for their durability and performance in high temperature applications. The standard polyethylene insert has been replaced by a PTFE insert. The standard Neoprene O-ring has also been replaced by a PTFE O-ring. These High Temperature Kits are recommended when operating temperatures are above 175°C. Ideal for use in research and industrial laboratories, these chemically inert borosilicate glass vessels allow accurate and safe observation for a variety of applications. Some typical applications include: solubility of gases in liquids at increased pressure; chemical behavior of liquids and gases subjected to temperature and pressure changes; effect of liquids on metals; spray and pressure characteristics; and purity of propellant batches.

Andrews Glass Company is also offering a basic "Starter Kit" for pressure reaction vessel users. Ideal for first time users, the kit includes a needle valve adaptor and stainless steel plug, along with a glass vessel and coupling. The kit provides everything needed to conduct an observable reaction in the laboratory. The chemically inert borosilicate glass construction allows accurate and safe observation of liquids and gases under pressure. The PRV kit can be used for applications such as hydrogenation, polymerization, catalysis, and isomerization. Both kits are available in three sizes (3, 6, and 12 ounce) with either regular or footed pressure vessels. Additional accessories and components can be ordered to expand the range of observation or to tailor the pressure reaction vessel for specific application needs.

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