Specialty Products

ROBU® Filter Discs
ROBU® Filter Discs

ROBU filter products are superior to any other manufacturers. Made with a proprietary, "Hard-Sintering" process by skilled technicians, ROBU specializes in producing the world's best borosilicate glass filters.

Solv-Seal Joints

Solv-Seal Joints are ideal for applications requiring constant handling and reassembly into different configurations. Originally designed for use in Lab-Crest® chromatography columns, patented Solv-Seal Joints provide a leak-free seal. The seal is achieved by an interference fit between the PTFE sheath and glass column surface.

Quick-Opening Valves

This valve combines the opening speed of a stopcock with the vacuum and pressure capabilities of the Lab-Crest® Threaded Glass Needle Valve.

Valve Replacement Parts