Midi Systems

Fully Integrated Lab-Crest® Midi-Dist™ Distillation Systems Save Space, Time, and Money in Laboratory Testing and Analysis

Lab-Crest Midi-Distillation Systems allow you to replace costly macro distillation techniques. Designed to make distillation and other difficult analyses easy, these compact, fully integrated units enable you to quickly and efficiently prepare multiple samples for analysis. The distillation system for cyanide and sulfide reduces cost 30% and conforms to U.S. EPA Methods 3.35.2 CLP-M and 335.4. The midi-distillation system for ammonias and phenols reduces distillation time up to 50%. The system allows users to safely and confidently downscale EPA Method 350.1 for ammonias and Method 420.4 for phenols.

Andrews Glass Company presents you with the simplest most economical choices for sample distillation. Designed with easy-to-use and handle glassware, economical, no-worry, preset heater blocks, precut and preassembled quick disconnects and tubing, and a range of useful accessories, Midi Systems can be quickly set up to run the distillations you need, when you need them.

  • 80% Reduction in Space Required - Conduct simultaneous distillations in as little as 1/5 the space used by traditional systems.
  • Up to 50% Reduction in Distillation Time - Glassware is easy to handle, clean, store, and setup. Integrated heater, holder, water, and vacuum manifolds, tubing, couplings, and controls are designed to simplify setup for use. Fully self-contained, the entire system is easily moved and allows completion of four distillation cycles per shift.
  • 90% Reduction in Reagents Used - Savings in time and space go right to the bottom line. The Midi-Dist System uses up to 90% less reagents and generates less waste than traditional systems, providing additional savings on reagent purchases and waste disposal costs.
  • 90% Reduction in Sample Size - Requires you to collect, hold, and process less sample.