Precision Bore Tubing

Precision Bore Tubing Meets Your Size, Shape, and Tolerance Requirements

Andrews Glass Company produces, designs, and shrinks precision bore tubing in round, capillary, fluted, tapered, rectangular, square, and hexagonal shapes. Complex configurations, including internal threads, end bells, and other changes in bore size are produced to exacting specifications. Working with borosilicate, fused quartz and other types of glass, we maintain tolerances up to + .0001" in a wide range of inside diameters and lengths.

Andrews Glass Company proprietary shrinking technology allows you to take full advantage of the unique chemical and mechanical characteristics of glass (especially low expansion borosilicate glass and fused quartz). Characteristics like transparency, optical stability, chemical inertness, impermeability, nonporosity, light transmission, low thermal conductivity, dialectic properties, and compressive strength greater than steel make glass the ideal material for use in solving a variety of engineering problems. Andrews maintains the most extensive inventory of mandrels in the industry, covering the entire range of available sizes. We can produce prototypes or production quantities quickly while saving the time and expense of new mandrels. Applications include components like laser bores, vidicon and photomultiplier tubes, precision burets and volumetrics, flow meters, spectroscopy cells, plungers, and syringe barrels.