Fabrication Capabilities

Engineering Assistance and Problem Solving Experience Ensure Solutions to Your Most Difficult Design Problems

At Andrews Glass Company, we take you from concept, through fabrication, to prototype and finished product. Starting with your design specifications, our engineering and manufacturing personnel work closely with you to select the right processes and materials to ensure that your precision fabricated component meets your requirements. The ability to calibrate glassware to within ± .001mm and mark the calibration by acid etching, silk screening, or ceramic fired decals adds more dimensions to our rare combination of special capabilities. Drawing on our engineering know-how and problem solving experience, we avoid problems in the design and development stages. Adhering to strict control procedures at every step of the manufacturing process, we can assure that tight tolerances will be maintained in the initial run and will be repeated run-to run-to run.

  • Analytical Instrument Components
  • CO2 Laser Components
  • Electro-Optical Envelopes (Vidicon, X-Ray, CAT, PET)
  • Spectroscopy Components
  • Latex Dipping Forms
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Ozone Generation
  • Critical Flow Monitoring
  • And More...